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Rearranging the baskets

As all baskets fit the freezer to stack and slide
  • You can get to any item in seconds
  • Without disturbing anything else
  • Still made to the design developed 43 years ago
  • After 80,000 freezers fitted out and happy owners
  • We can do the same for you!

Every basket is made to order, so measure your freezer to decide what size and number of baskets you need; phone your order to us so that we can make just what you want and deliver them to your door.

A cover from a 1970s brochure that still applies, yet only £18 each


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Although ordering only two layers of baskets instead of three would initially appear to offer you a lower cost option, through experience we have found that using only two basket layers can create problems for users:

You will not have access to items in the bottom of a tall basket, as you will still need to dig very deep to get at items at the bottom of the baskets.

Design all baskets to be wide and shallow.
Consider them as drawers in a chest of drawers.
You would not want tall narrow drawers due to access to the base. Exactly the same problem will apply in the freezer.
Divide the height into three layers - making everything easily accessible.
Due to these considerations; we strongly recommend using three layers of baskets in your freezer.

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